Options framework что за плагин

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Options framework — как правильно его установить?

Господа, бывают темы, которые имеют очень мало личных настроек и требуют установки специальных плагинов для управления ими. так и с этой темой http://www. dessign. net/gridthemeresponsive/

Your current theme does not have support for the Options Framework plugin. Learn More http://wptheming. com/options-framework-plugin/| Hide Notice

Зашел в плагины, удалил Options Framework plugin

Установил заново — тот же результат — плагин не работает

Подозреваю, что решение может быть простым, только я не очень разбираюсь в программировании


Servlet filter that adds a X-FRAME-OPTIONS response header

Grails X-Frame-Options Plugin

Filter to set HTTP response header X-Frame-Options to defend against ClickJacking.

More information about using X-Frame-Options for defending against clickjacking:


These instructions are targeted towards Grails 3 installations. For Grails 2.x refer to branch 1.x of the plugin.

Add a dependency to build. gradle :

The default configuration installs a servlet filter for the URL pattern /* that adds a response header X-Frame-Options with the value DENY.


The plugin is configured through grails-app/conf/application. yml.

We can limit the URL pattern the filter is applied to:

We can also set multiple patterns:

We can set different header values based on the configuration. To set the header value DENY we must use the following configuration:

This is also the default value if no configuration is provided or no configuration options are set.

To set the header value SAMEORIGIN we must use the following configuration:

To set the header value ALLOW-FROM with a URL we must use the following configuration:

To disable the filter we must use the following configuration option:

The filter is enabled by default and will use the DENY header value.

Options framework что за плагин

OK so found some more:

JeffreyWay / WordPress-Theme-Options-Page — open source class the project is hosted on github aimed at theme developers, looks nice, haven’t used it. (link dead) .

Devinsays / Options-Framework — open source Framework the project is hosted on github aimed at theme developers, i later learned that is has evolved in to Thematic-options very large scaled project that has lots of features. (link dead)

Helgatheviking / thematic-options-KIA — open source Framework the project is

Hosted on github aimed at help developers build options into their thematic child themes, witch was forked for Thematic-options very much up to date.(link dead)

WordPress AdminPage Class — a commercial solution, packed it features and very easy to use.

OptionTree plugin — and IDE for creating option panels, lots of feature and constantly updated, downside is: it’s not easily integrated in plugins or themes and default options are not an option (up to version 1.1.1).

That’s it for now but still looking to here about your experience.

After a long time of trying I’ve managed to integrate Options tree with my plugin and after that part was done, I have to say that its never been easier to add options to my plugin, EVER! all done with no code, but using the slick UI that comes with it. So as of now its my favorite with a small exception of being a plugin by it self and not a framework witch makes the integration part a lot harder.

If you read the first update then this will be 180 degree turn, i have stopped using Option-Tree witch was hard to integrate in the first place but mainly for the reason that it create an option row in the options database table for each option you add to it so my plugin has created 287 rows in the database and thats bad for many reasons but the main ones are its hard to remove all of them at plugin deactivation and you have to create a get-option call for each one of them so that’s a lot of database calls. Since that little set back, I found that most of the frameworks listed up here work in the same manner of each option gets its own row. So i modified AdminPage Class to save all options per admin page in an array of options and and now my plugin only generates 7 Rows in the database and at most i only need to call the get_option function 7 times so that saves lots of database calls, I’ll contact the creator of AdminPage Class and ask him to consider this modification but other then that it very easy to use and even easier to manage.

Last Update

If anyone is still keeping score here, then i ended up coding my own

Option panel class

Which it’s main features are:

  • Open source, GPL licensed.
  • Works with plugins as well as themes
  • OOP Code all the way (which means easy to extend and modify).
  • Import Export Options.
  • All Options saved as a single row in a database.
  • Available fields are:
    • Input
    • Textarea
    • Radio button
    • Checkbox
    • Select Dropdown
    • File Upload
    • Image Upload
    • WYSIWYG editor
    • Date Picker
    • Time Picker
    • Color Picker
    • Taxonomy List Dropdwon or checkboxes
    • Post list Dropdown or checkboxes
    • WordPress User Roles Dropdown or checkboxes
    • Syntax Highlighted Code Editor (PHP, CSS, HTML, JAVASCRIPT)
    • Typography Field (set of size, color, face, family fields)
    • Sortable Drag & Drop
    • Repeater Field
    • Plupload field
    • Hooks and filters all over the place so you can customize just the way you’d like

По материалам:

Http://mywordpress. ru/support/viewtopic. php? id=25816

Http://plugins. grails. org/plugin/mrhaki/grails-x-frame-options-plugin

Http://wordpress. stackexchange. com/questions/7472/framework-for-plugin-theme-options-panel